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U18 player Ruben Oropeza

Currently our U14 Boys (B09) are in 1st in their league with a record of 8-0-0 in the NPSL D4 09 league. They have scored 45 goals, have only conceded 3 goals and have a goal difference of +42. They also are currently 11 points clear of 2nd place.

In our league play our top goal scorer is Michael Garcia #2, who has scored 19 goals from 8 games.

Goal chart: 19- Michael 10- Trevon 6- Ivan 2- JB 2- Israel 2- Own Goals 1- Julio 1- Talan 1- Joseph 1- Zeke

Assist chart: 12- JB 7- Ivan 3- Michael 3- Trevon 2- Zeke 1- Israel 1- Julio 1- Joseph 1- Talan

Our tournament results from the U14 Boys Southlake 6aside we came in 2nd place with our Blue team after bringing 2 U14 teams and our U10 Girls. The U10 Girls played all boys but played hard while the Yellow team had one player score 4 goals in their 4 games. Our Blue team went all the way to the finals and played Southlake CITY black who beat us 5-0 in the finals.

We had one player from the Blue team get 5 goals in 5 games, Michael Garcia.

Stats: BLUE: 2-1 win, win 9-0, loss 0-4(City Black final group game), win 2-1(semi finals), loss 0-5 (finals vs City Black) GoalsFor-13 GoalsAgainst- 11 Goal Difference- +2 YELLOW: 2-0 win, 1-2 loss, loss 1-3, 1-3 loss GF- 5. GA- 8. GD- -3 Michael x2 (2-1) Ivan 3, Michael 2, JB 3, Alex 1 (9-0) Michael 1, Jb 1 (2-1) Goalscorers: A: Ivan 3, JB 3, Michael 5, Alex 2 B: Tre 4. Malakye 1

Assists: A: B: Israel 3, Tre 1, Malakye 1

We also took the U14 Boys and the U10 Girls to a tournament in Vancouver,

Directors Mortgage Summer Slam Hosted by the Washington Timbers Our boys got 2nd place again, losing only in the finals after looking exhausted and sore. We had a few injuries and the boys had by this point, unfortunately only been a team a month. Had they been together longer and had more training by this point, this many games wouldn’t have been a problem. They did awesome though! U10 Girls also made it to the semi finals of a strange 2 winner bracket. This was due to our first game where our girls got 2 goals in their loss giving them 2 points to put them into the semi finals on points.

Stats for U14 Boys Summer Slam: Group stage: 6-1 win, 7-2 win, 4-0 win, Semi finals: 4-3 win. Finals: 1-3 loss

Goal scorers: U10 Girls managed 3 goals in the tournament 6 aside was only 6 players on the field so if only counting our actual regular play games our record is: 12 wins, 1 loss 67 goals scored/ 13 games, 12 against/ 13 games If adding in the 6aside and both teams Blue and Yellow, 16 wins, 6 losses 85 goals/ 22 games, 31 against/ 22 games Our u18 Boys are in NPSL D1 as there is only 1 league. Their record stands currently at 2-3-2

Our U10 have been scrimmaging Harbor Rec teams since tournament play has completed: U9 Harbor Girls vs U10 Gulls Girls 15-1 win U10 Harbor Girls vs U10 Gulls Girls 4-2 win U10 Harbor Boys vs U10 Gulls Girls 2-3 loss U10 Harbor Boys vs U10 Gulls Girls 5-5 Tie U9 Monte Girls vs U10 Gulls Girls 2-0 win Mixed BU11 Monte vs GU10 Gulls 4-6 loss Most of these games we have had our girls helping out the rec teams and given them our players for parts of the match

Goalscorers stats for this season for the girls *including tournament play Jerrica 10 goals/ 10 games (U9 player playing up) Lucero 7 games/ 9 games Ainsley 5 goals/ 10 games (1st year) Zoey 5 goals/ 10 games (1st year) Mailee 3 goals/ 10 games Nova 1 goal/ 10 games (U9 player playing up) Delilah 1 goal/ 9 games Natalie 1 goal/ 10 games Harper 1 goal/ 3 games Amber 1 goal/ 3 games

They will be playing in the Candy Cane tournament this Winter.

We have kids from the following areas: Ocean Shores, Cosmopolis, Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Elma, Montesano MVP of each team as it stands: U10 – Jerrica Brain (Hoquiam) 10 goals and 9 assists in 10 games and playing 1 year up U14 – Michael Garcia (Hoquiam) 35 goals in 18 games U18 – Brannon Gonzalez (Hoquiam)

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